Seisborg Geophysical Consulting, dba for SEISBORG, LP
Seisborg Geophysical Consulting

Welcome!  Your exploration projects will be enhanced by our optimization of your seismic data products.

We provide the knowledge and experience needed to select the best data processing contractor, refine the agreement technical specifications, perform bid equalization with recommendation, and provide project management to guide your project to its optimal conclusion.

Memberships / Certificates / Associations:


TBPG (Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists) License #4653:


SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists):


GSH (Geophysical Society of Houston):


SIPES (Society Independent Professional Earth Scientists–Houston):


HGS (Houston Geological Society):


Georgia Tech: School of Earth Sciences:


Harvard University: Graduate School of Design:


MS State University: Dept of Physics:


UC Berkeley: College of Environmental Design:

North Sea Marine Operations

Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK

Royal Navy HMS Heron  1995

Geophysical Society Houston

Life Award

2007 President

2005 2nd VP


Research publications associated with members of Seisborg LP:


"Technology for Multiple Attenuation in the Tunisian Gulf of Gabes",

by  T. Rebec, P.T. Gordon, J. Samuels, G. Marion,

EAGE First Break, Vol 23 No 9 Sept 2005.


“Micro Earthquake Spectra in the Southeastern United States”,

by George E. Marion & Leland Timothy Long,  Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol. 70, No. 4, pp. 1037-1054, August 1980


 “Micro Earthquake Spectra in the Southeastern United States”,

by L. T. Long & G. E. Marion,  School of Geophysical Sciences,  Georgia Institute of Technology,  Seismological Society of America, Reno Convention, 1978


“Gravity and Seismic Studies in the Clark Hill Reservoir Area”,

Leland Timothy Long, H. Edward Denman, Helmut Yang-An Hsiao, George E. Marion,

School of Geophysical Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology,

Georgia Geological Society, 11th Annual Meeting, Guidebook 16, 1976


“The Spectral Analysis of Micro Earthquakes That Occur in the Southeastern United States”,  by George E. Marion, Masters Thesis, Library of Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, March 1977


“Spectral Characteristics of Micro Earthquakes Occurring in the Southeastern United States”, by George E. Marion & Leland T. Long, Geological Society of America, Southeastern Section, Annual Meeting, March 1977


“Spectral Characteristics of Micro Earthquakes Which Occur in the Southeastern United States”, by Leland T. Long & George E. Marion, Georgia Institute of Technology,

Bulletin of the Georgia Academy of Science, Vol. 34, #2, April 1976


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