Seisborg Geophysical Consulting, dba for SEISBORG, LP
Seisborg Geophysical Consulting

Welcome!  Your exploration projects will be enhanced by our optimization of your seismic data products.

We provide the knowledge and experience needed to select the best data processing contractor, refine the agreement technical specifications, perform bid equalization with recommendation, and provide project management to guide your project to its optimal conclusion.



  • Knowledge & Experience to accomplish your seismic processing task by a practical application of state-of-the-industry technology,
  • Technical Leadership and Management for your seismic processing project,
    • Expert in processing, imaging, and attributes / expert reporting / QC / QA contract coherence,
  • Bid creation, equalization and recommendation,
  • Contracts: Analysis & recommendations of technology specifications in agreements,
  • Experienced in seismic technologies including:
    • AVO, AVAz, RTM, TTI, PSDM, PSTM, WEM, OBS, Node, Acoustic Inversion, Elastic Inversion, Spectral Extension, Wavelet Processing,
  • Conventional and Unconventional :
    • Land, Marine, Transition Zone, Sub-salt, Shales, Gas Hydrates, Deep Water, Microseismics,
  • Worldwide: via travel to site or via technology (web meetings: cost efficient),
  • Independent Consulting on Project-by-Project basis,
    • Cost effective application of technology,




  • ... maintain Confidentiality.  Confidentiality is paramount.
  • ... provide total project coverage from the letting of request-for-quotes through the delivery of the final project report.
  • ... provide the ability to quickly expand your technology division without long term obligations ,
    • services on an “As Needed” basis,
    • Seisborg Geophysical is cost effective.
  • ... study state-of-the-industry technology to know which companies can best provide that technology:
    • We match your project to the best technology and to the best data processing contractor for that specific need.
  • ... specialize in practical applications of technology,
  • ... recommend other companies that provide services not provided by Seisborg,
  • ... provide win-win results.




  • ... produce geologic mapped interpretations or drilling targets,
  • ... sell or license software.
  • ... operate a data processing center,
  • ... provide field operations QC,
  • ... (But we will recommend someone who does each of the above items that we don't do.)

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