Seisborg Geophysical Consulting, dba for SEISBORG, LP
Seisborg Geophysical Consulting

Welcome!  Your exploration projects will be enhanced by our optimization of your seismic data products.

We provide the knowledge and experience needed to select the best data processing contractor, refine the agreement technical specifications, perform bid equalization with recommendation, and provide project management to guide your project to its optimal conclusion.


Seisborg Geophysical Company began in 1989 as a sole proprietorship company for George Marion after twelve years of professional service as a geophysicist in Chevron Geophysical Company, now named Chevron Energy Technology Company.  The sole proprietorship company was formed in Galveston, Texas with an office in the Cotton Exchange Building.  In 1999 the office was relocated to Seabrook, Texas to a water front building on Galveston Bay.  In 2004 Seisborg Geophysical filed with the Secretary of State in Texas to restructure the company into a Limited Partnership, which was granted as Seisborg, LP with an effective date of January 2005.  In 2014 Seisborg, LP relocated its office to Nassau Bay, Texas with a waterfront on Clear Lake.


Seisborg Geophysical Consulting general partner SSLLC

Sea Shell, L.L.C., General Partner

A Texas corporation registered with the Texas Secretary of State.

Seisborg Geophysical Consulting operating manager

G. E. Marion, Limited Partner & Operating Manager

MSc Geophysics (GaTech) / BSc Physics (MSU) / TX license PG#4653;

Holds the 1976 Monie A. Ferst award for research awarded by the Georgia Tech chapter of Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, member of the S. D. Lee Academic Honors Society, and was the 2007 President of the Geophysical Society of Houston.

Seisborg Geophysical Consulting LP manager

R. M. Marion, Limited Partner & Manager

MA Architectural Design (Harvard) / BA Architecture (UC Berkeley)

Managing operator of Studios.


Seisborg, LP is structured as a Texas limited partnership (LP) with an EIN issued by the IRS.  Seisborg, LP files federal tax and state of Texas franchise tax as an independent entity.  The primary general partner is Sea Shell, LLC, a Texas corporate entity filing with the IRS as a C-corporation.


Key Members:

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