Seisborg Geophysical Consulting, dba for SEISBORG, LP
Seisborg Geophysical Consulting

Welcome!  Your exploration projects will be enhanced by our optimization of your seismic data products.

We provide the knowledge and experience needed to select the best data processing contractor, refine the agreement technical specifications, perform bid equalization with recommendation, and provide project management to guide your project to its optimal conclusion.



Seisborg Geophysical’s mission is to provide expert geophysical knowledge of the technologies used in the oil and gas exploration industry, specializing in data processing, imaging and attribute extraction of seismic data.  We focus on a practical application of technology to obtain the best seismic product for you at the most competitive cost.  We study the newest technologies commercially available, which we combine with four decades of experience in the classic methods, such that we can match your seismic data to the best choice technology at the best choice contracting center.  We have a practical working knowledge of what is, and isn’t, reasonable and obtainable.  We do not perform the data processing; rather, we know which contractors best fit your project.  Our primary interest is optimizing your seismic products.




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